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2020 Update No.17 – Steam Engines

2020 Update no.17 – Steam Engines

A huge congratulations to Martin Richardson who was awarded his Licentiate in the latest round of Honours awards and can now put LPSNZ after his name.

We had a great time at Carlucci Land last Saturday, click here to see images taken by some of the attendees:
While you are there, join up if you haven’t already,  Members post their images regularly and we put all the updates and zoom presentation links here as well.

Tues Aug 11 – Photographing Steam Engines – Ben Duncan

When: Tuesday 11 Aug
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club
Topic: Photographing Steam Engines – Ben Duncan

I’m from the UK and have been shooting steam locomotives from an early age and have no formal training (perhaps it shows).

Most of my free time and money was spent attending photographic-charters at heritage railways.

I move to digital quickly, having pressed one too many shutter buttons without having film in the camera.

I visited China in 2004 and shunned the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors in favour of coal mines.

I moved to New Zealand with my partner in 2016.

I’ve shot on a Minolta (film), Nikon (full frame digital), Sony (compact), and now use a Fuji XT-2 (mirrorless).  I only started to shoot RAW files two years ago – the same time I got Lightroom.

I haven’t had much published but was invited to present at the Australian Rail Photography Forum in Sydney in 2019 and, in the same year won the Trains (US magazine) annual photo contest.

Ben’s talk will cover the following topics:

  • Health and Safety when shooting trains at Paekakariki
  • Parts of a steam loco and corresponding photo opportunities
  • Classic and creative approaches to railway photography
  • His photography

Saturday August 15 – Steam Engine Photographers Event

Steam Incorporated in Paekakariki have put together a photographers only event which will be an amazing experience for any photographer.

It is set for Saturday the 15th Aug and will run from 10am to 8pm showing all aspects of steam motive power, from light up to operation.  The trains will be running on the tracks as well.

Ticket price is $50 PP they have 50 spaces, and BBQ is included for all attendees.  They will be creating a timetable of events – people can spend as much or as little time as they like.

The ticket price is to cover the costs of steaming up which is costly.  Hutt Camera Club is offering a $10 discount for members, so it will only cost you $40.  Payment will be on the day either by cash or Eftpos.

This will not be like an open day with a lot of people getting in the way of photographs, purely for photography.

Their members will be dressed in period costume and they have said that we can bring models along as well – so hoping to have some in Steampunk gear, but a great opportunity to get steamy atmospheric shots/portraits at the station or with a train whatever the style.

An awesome opportunity for members looking to put together honours portfolios as you will be able to tell the whole “steam” story.
Email me at: to register your interest

Photo Editing Night – 13 October

This night is coming up.  If you don’t do much post processing and would like to see what can be done on your images, or just like to see how someone else would approach editing an image then please

Post an image that is straight out of camera/raw to an album we have set up for the night on our facebook page here:

and also send one to me in as high res as possible:

Other members can then upload the image to process it how they would approach editing the image and then re-post back to the group.

Richard Mayston and myself will then choose a few to be viewed and broken down step by step on the night so that we can hopefully all learn some new techniques.

We would prefer that the editing be done in Lightroom or other similar programs and not photoshop to keep it as simple as possible for people who are not used to processing and if you do process and image and re-post it that we might ask you to show your steps to us all.

Call for Wellington Interclub Print competition images:

Hopefully you have been looking through your catalogues and keeping the topics in mind while out and about.  Please start to send your entries through to: when you can.

No limit to the amount of images for each topic.  Rename it with the topic (in bold below) and your name ie: Earth-Bob Jones

Topics are:

Earth, Sea and Sky – Earth
Just Illusion – Illusion
Mono Portrait – Portrait
Musical Image –Musical
Once was Home – Home
An Emotion – Emotion
Macro Life – Macro
Levitation – Levitation
Luscious Liquid – Liquid
In the style of Andreas Gursky – Gursky

Photography inspiration, courses and tips

How shutter speed changes your images:

How to get everything in focus:

Superzoom the Moon with these tips:

Trying out the new select subject tool in Photoshop:


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