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2020 Update No.21 Iceland

2020 Update no.21 Iceland

Happy 60th Birthday!

This is Ian Swift reminiscing about the early days in the club, over a photograph he took of Sir Walter Nash.  He told me that a he saw a notice in the Hutt News advising if anyone wanting to take their photography further, they could come to a meeting in a lecture meeting room in the library on 12 October 1960. They had had an adult learning class previous to that (George Marsden was the lecturer) & he had called the meeting. Ian Swift went along to the class and found a guy called Howard Benbrook there (had not known him before that date). Howard was asked to be on the committee & refused because there was a general election that year & he was involved with the Social Credit Party. Ian was asked to be the Treasurer which he accepted. They found a place to meet (the supper room at the Epuni Community Hall) and so the Lower Hutt Photographic Society was born. George supplied a constitution which was based on Wellington Photographic Society’s one. Ian presumes that on the 4th Tuesday of October 1960 they had the first meeting. The committee decided that it would be fortnightly so therefore the second & fourth Tuesday became the meeting nights.

George Marsden was the first Patron, he resigned in 1965 & was followed by Joe Thomas of Adams Tce, Wellington.

My trip to Iceland – Geoff Marshall – October 13

When: Tuesday 13 October
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club
Topic: “Yellow boats and orange lighthouses” throughout Iceland – Geoff Marshall

Geoff is a serious amateur / semi-professional photographer who has been teaching Community Education photography classes for about 25 years.   Geoff’s interest in photography goes back to his childhood and while he has a broad knowledge of many different aspects of photography, his main interests are landscapes and candid photographs of people.

Geoff’s commercial work includes events, corporate and stock photography .  His traditional approach to photography is to make photographs that are recognisable but show subjects in a new and different way.  In most cases this is achieved by using a different viewpoint, seeking out the unusual aspects of a subject and utilising the technical aspects of camera operation.  More recently he has been experimenting in impressionist images

Geoff drove around the Ring Road and the West Fjords of Iceland, photographing colourful boats, houses and lighthouses, long-haired horses, waterfalls, fjords and, of course, ice.  The presentation to the Camera Club will highlight the photographic aspects of the trip.

Hutt / Karori Battle – *Last call for images*

Karori are hosting us this year and have given us the below topics – Please send in your entries to by Wednesday the 14th of October

  • Low angle of view
  • Shades of grey
  • Macro Flowers
  • From above

Hutt / Karori Battle – Wednesday October 28

When: Wednesday 28 October
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Karori Arts and Crafts Centre, 7 Beachamp Street, Karori, Wellington
Topic: Battle – a Judge will look at entries from both clubs on the above topics to battle it out for an overall winning club.

Please contact each other to arrange car-pooling as the parking will be fairly limited.  Supper will be provided and it is always a great night to catch up with old friends and have friendly banter over the images with the judge and the other club members.

2021 Committee – Call for Nominations

Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 23 of the Constitution, that the 2020 Annual General meeting of Hutt Camera Club Incorporated will be held on Tuesday 24 November 2020 commencing at 7.30pm in the clubrooms of the Hutt Valley Tramping Club, Birch Street, Waterloo, Lower Hutt.   Committee member nomination form attached.

The meeting will consider the following items:

1. Receive the President’s report of the club for the year ended 30 September 2020.
2. Receive the financial report of the club for the year ended 30 September 2020.
3. Elect Officers and the Management Committee.
4. Set the subscriptions for the ensuing year.
5. Appoint an auditor to review the club’s financials for the ensuing year.
6. Decide on any resolution made to the meeting that falls under section 28.2 of the Constitution.

Evan Davies, Secretary

A nomination form is attached. Nominations for committee positions and any resolutions for consideration at the meeting must be received by the Secretary by 8.00pm 2 November 2020.

Send to:

Hutt Camera Club Secretary
5 Puketea Street

Situations Vacant

Most of the committee are happy to sit again for another year but we need 2 spaces filled;

Competitions Secretary – Paul is unable to fill this position next year and I haven’t been successful in finding someone else willing to take it on.
Committee Member – no particular tasks, just able to make the 1 hour zoom meeting once a month to help us with our decision making etc

It is difficult every year to find people to participate on the committee which I understand as I am very busy as well, and turned down the president role for 4 years until I couldn’t any longer!
It is a challenge for every club to get new members and keep people interested as we are in an ever changing world.
We are now able to do a lot of what clubs offer online, from meetup groups going out to photograph certain things together, to workshops either online or offline where you can learn photography with other people.
You can also participate in online critique groups, so why do we keep coming along?  It is our club and we need to band together to keep it going if that is indeed what you would like.
I think you would agree that the competition secretary role is important as it is the way we learn how to make our images better.  I do not want to call each of you to ask about taking this role on, so am thinking of a few options:

  1.  We have no secretary and therefore no competitions
  2. One of you nominate yourselves using the nomination form attached. (contrary to popular belief, you don’t need contacts as there is a complete list of PSNZ judges available, and I made a comprehensive set of notes on the role when I did it and am happy to help out.)
  3. I, myself take on the role and someone else takes on the President role. (again, you don’t need to have a lot of contacts, as we work together as a team to put the programme together.)

If we do not receive any nominations for either the president or competition secretary role, I will leave it to the club to decide on the night what you would like to do.

Wellington Interclub Print competition – postponed

We have been advised from the host club, that due to the ever changing nature of Covid-19 levels that this will now take place in the new year.   The group that were getting together to work on our selections have now selected 9 out of the 10 titles and are working on the last title – Macro.  We will then arrange to get them printed and have them ready to go when the date is announced.

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