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2020 Update No. 9 Ladder One Results Now 5 May

2020 Update no. 9 Ladder One results now 5 May

Covid-19 – Alert Level 3

Hope you are all enjoying a bit more freedom, I enjoyed some pizza this afternoon and looking forward to some local curry for dinner!

The PSNZ facebook page alphabet challenge was a huge success and they are now running another Home photography challenge:  you may have to be a member.
They have just published a video compilation of all the alphabet images, click here to view:

Ladder One Competition Judging – 5 May

We had planned to be hosting the Ladder One results tonight, but the judge is late getting his results back, so we will now be looking to host the meeting next Tuesday the 5th of May and will send out the zoom details then.

Triptych Tips – Irene Callaghan APSNZ

Looking to try something different?  The Nelson Camera Club Triptych completion opens for entries on August the 1st.  Here are some tips by Irene who has judged for us before.

More information on their website here:

1/ Don’t use large white frames around your images either individually, or the finished triptych, as this will pull attention away from your images.

2/ It is better to have 3 individual entries rather than divide one into 3 parts. This is more creative.

3/ I size my individual images before putting a small frame around them usually, although there is no necessity to have images the same size or shape.

4/ I then use Photoshop to create a new layer by adding the dimensions of the 3 individual images plus allowing plenty of room around them. The background can be cropped later if wanted.

5/ I generally use the ‘paint bucket’ and turn the background black, however as long as this does not become an additional image, this is personal preference.

6/ Now and open your images one at a time and use the move tool (which is at top left) to place them on your background. You can still alter them at this point before placing them on the background. Drag the image name down using the move tool, and then place your curser in the middle of the image and drag it where you want it on the background. If you have layers open (found under window) you can move them around one at a time by highlighting them.

7/ Go to ‘view’ on top line and then to ‘show’ and tick ‘smart guides’ which creates lines to help to align your images.

8/ Once you are happy with your alignment, flatten your layers and save as a large file. Then create a small file at competition size for your entry which you can then put a border around. Keep the large size to send if requested for the catalogue.

9/ There is more information and tips and many ways of creating a triptych on the Nelson Camera Club website. This includes some special award categories which change each year. Good luck.

Free Photography courses

Digital Camera World have put together 12 free photography courses run by all the major photography players to keep us busy during lockdown periods.

Click here for all the information:

Wellington Interclub Print Battle

A reminder – this is a great time to look through your catalogue or work on images.

Kapiti Camera Club is hosting the Battle this year.  This will be carried out in September – date to be confirmed.
Closer to the time we will be calling for photos that we want to submit on behalf of our club.

The topics are:

Earth, Sea and Sky
Just Illusion
Mono Portrait
Musical Image
Once was Home
An Emotion
Macro Life
Luscious Liquid
In the style of Andreas Gursky:


Click here for up to date programme information :

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