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2021 Update 11 Critique Time

2021 Update 11 Critique Time

Critique Series 2: Landscapes

When: Tuesday 22 June 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: Image Critique with the Topic: Landscapes

Come along to practice your new photo assessment skills and actively participate in the first topic of our new critique series.   If you did not submit any images but would still like to have an image critiqued, you are welcome to bring a print or digital image/s along for us to practice on.

Photographing Aircraft – Sam Hall

When: Tuesday 13 July 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: How to get the best out of your aircraft photography

I know we have a few keen aircraft photographers in the club, come along to see and hear keen amateur Sam’s tips and tricks for this fun genre

Upcoming Fieldtrips/Workshops

Saturday 24 July – Carlucciland
Come along to join in a fun outing and learn from other club members.  Starting and ending with food and drink of course.   Check here for all the details


The Whanganui Salon is back in 2021 and is open to all New Zealand photographers.

Our theme of Humanity and Earth provides  an opportunity to shine a light on the positive and negative relationships we have with the planet we live on. We have great prizes for the winners from our sponsors Progear Photographic, Wellington Photographic Supplies and Print Art.

The Salon winner will also receive the inaugural Vonnie Cave medal. Entries will open on 27 July and close on 24 August.
All the details can be found here

From the Archives

Celebrating our 60th year, I will post a tidbit up from the archives each update.
Chris Crawford sent these images from our winning entry in the George Chance Landscape cup 1986, from Mike Horner who found them in Opotiki

Photography inspiration, courses and tips

Using the adjustment brush in Lightroom – Chris Orwig
Food Photography & Food Styling with @Veggiekins – B&H 41m
How to Photograph the Milky Way: The Preparation – 1 of 3
Using Your Personal Life to Inspire Photography Projects – B&H 1h3m


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