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2021 Update No. 20 Becoming A Prize Winner

2021 Update no. 20 Becoming a Prize Winner

Covid-19 – Delta Alert Level 2

As we usually do in level 2, we will meet up as usual but with the relevant restrictions in place and no supper.  We will have the QR code for you to use at the door, along with sanitiser.  You can wear a mask if you wish and we will have the chairs spaced out for physical distancing.

Produce prize-winning images using layers – with Lindsay Gibbs

When: Tuesday 9 November 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club
Topic: How to produce prize-winning images using layers

You asked for it and we are happy to supply!  For those of you with an interest in processing without using the adobe products: Lindsay will present an alternative to programs such as Adobe® Lightroom and Corel® Aftershot Pro.  He will show us how to extract and optimise the monochrome and colour components of an image, then once each part has been optimised the image is reassembled.

The “layers” image shows the steps involved. Moving counter-clockwise from the lower-left we see the original image, the monochrome component, the colour component, and the final image.

Lindsay Gibbs is:

Age … ancient
Dabbled with black and white photography in the early 1970’s
Joined Hutt Camera Club around 2002.
One of the first club members to adopt digital photography.
Past Committee Member and Competitions Secretary.
Successes include winning the Beginners trophy (2003), Intermediate trophy (2004), and the Advanced trophy (2008, 2009) using the above techniques.

Last ever Fieldtrip

Saturday 13 November – Street Photography, Wellington CBDs

10.00am meet at Martha’s Pantry for coffee and game plan (Helen will go over techniques and settings for those that need it)

10.30am wander through Cuba Mall areas before making your way down to the waterfront

12.30pm meet up at Mac’s Brewery for a drink/lunch

Portfolio Night and AGM

When: Tuesday 23 November 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club
Topic: Portfolio Night and AGM

We will  begin with our premier competition of the year – Our Portfolio competition which should take around 30 minutes or so.  We will then move into our AGM to formally close off the year and then move into dealing with the windup of the club.  We will be looking to ask for volunteers to form a small committee to oversee the windup including deciding where the money will go.

If you are interested in being on this committee and are not able to attend this night, please let me know by email so we can include you:

From the Archives

Celebrating our 60th year, I will post a tidbit up from the archives each update.   This little snippet talks about Marg Jorgensen’s unfortunate accident with her camera and the messy outcome

Photography inspiration, courses and tips

How Leading Lines Can Improve Your Photos – 11m 12s
Mona Lisa’s Smile – can this method be used in photography?
How to See a Photograph and Mentally Frame It As You Shoot – 1h 12m
How to Create Artistic, Dreamy, Soft Focus Flower Photography – 8m 31s

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