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2021 Update No. 21 Putting It All Together

2021 Update no. 21 Putting it all Together

Covid-19 – Delta Alert Level 2

As we usually do in level 2, we will meet up as usual but with the relevant restrictions in place and no supper.  We will have the QR code for you to use at the door, along with sanitiser.  You can wear a mask if you wish and we will have the chairs spaced out for physical distancing.

Portfolio Night and AGM

When: Tuesday 23 November 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club
Topic: Portfolio Night and AGM

We will begin with our premier competition of the year – Our Portfolio competition which should take around 30 minutes or so.  We will then move into our AGM to formally close off the year and then move into dealing with the windup of the club.  We will be looking to ask for volunteers to form a small committee to oversee the windup including deciding where the money will go.

If you are interested in being on this committee and are not able to attend this night, please complete the proxy voting form and send it in so we can include your wishes.


If you are interested in being on this committee and are not able to attend this night, please complete the voting by proxy form and send it in so we can include your wishes. Click here to view the constitution, which says this about any remaining funds:

29.0      Winding up

29.1      The Society shall be wound up by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, subject to the provisions of rule 23, or if membership drops to 10 or less voting members.  If any property remains after the winding up or dissolution of the Society and the settlement of all the Society’s debts and liabilities, that property must be given or transferred to another organisation that has tax exemption status, and is charitable under New Zealand law, and has purposes similar to those of the Society.

Last ever Fieldtrip

Due to rough weather last weekend, we will try again the last weekend of November

Saturday 27 November – Street Photography, Wellington CBDs

10.00am meet at Martha’s Pantry for coffee and game plan
10.30am wander through Cuba Mall areas before making your way down to the waterfront
12.30pm meet up at Mac’s Brewery for a drink/lunch

Prizegiving and Social Night – Tuesday 7 December

When: Tuesday 7 December
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: Prizegiving and Social evening

Our annual breakup evening.  We will be presenting our Portfolio winner with their trophy and then partaking of fish and chips while spending quality time with each other before we break up.

Before the night, I will be sending around an email asking you to RSVP to the night so that we know how many to cater for on the night.

Lindsay’s links

As promised, the links to Lindsay’s articles from his presentation last club night:

From the Archives

Celebrating our 61st year, I will post a tidbit up from the archives each update.  This time Brian Harmers first editorial as new president at the end of 2013.  I noticed the lovely big committee!

Photography inspiration, courses and tips

Why Your Photos Don’t Have to Be Pin-Sharp
Better Photographic Composition – Beyond the Rule of Thirds – 2h 3m
Modern Minimal Versus Traditional Travel Lens Kits – Thom Hogan
How to Capture Dance Movement – 9m 30s

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