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2020 Update No. 6 We Need YOUR Images

2020 Update no. 6 We Need YOUR Images

Glenburn overnight Fieldtrip: 20 – 22 March

When: Friday 20 March to Sunday 22 March
Location: Glenburn Station:
To those of you attending, check my email notification for all important information.

Covid-19 – Business as usual

As a committee we have agreed that we are comfortable at this stage going ahead with our meetings.  Please use your common sense and if you are feeling unwell stay at home.
If you do attend, be aware of touch and hygiene as we are being advised.

Photographer for the NZ Artificial Limbs Service – March 24

Meeting: Tuesday 24 March
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club
Topic: My Photographic journey with the NZ Artificial Limbs service – Peter Allen
Bring: yourselves

Peter makes all types of prostheses from simple modular designs to computer controlled, involving materials from aluminium, titanium and composite plastics involving glass and carbon fibre.Peter Allen has been working as a Prosthetist since leaving school in 1979 for the New Zealand Artificial Limb Service in Wellington. (41 Years).
Peter attended the Sydney Paralympics as a technician working with many high performance athletes, but day to day works on limbs for regular people from all walks of life.
He has had a technical manual published and sold around the world, but also donated the book to developing countries as a resource.
Peter has been an amateur photographer most of his adult life but only joined a club or two about ten years ago.  He has his LPSNZ which he achieved about four years ago.
His preference is for taking action photos (Nikon of course).  Peter’s occupation as a Prosthetist has enabled him to tell the story of the service through images, and to capture how people with limb loss can carry on normal active lives.
I heard rave reviews of his presentation to Kapiti Camera Club so have invited him along to share his story with us.

Photo Editing Night – April 14 – we need YOUR images

We are planning a fun night coming up on April the 14th where we hope to learn photo processing from each other. To make the night work, we need YOUR images.

If you are not one for editing your photos or do very little to them and would be interested in seeing what can be achieved then this is the night for you.

Post an image that is straight out of camera/raw to our new photo critique group on Facebook:
We will be putting up a special album for the night soon.  Also send one to me in as high res as possible:
Other members can then upload the image to process it how they would approach editing the image and then re-post back to the group.
Richard Mayston and myself will then choose a few to be viewed and broken down step by step on the night so that we can hopefully all learn some new techniques.
We would prefer that the editing be done in Lightroom or other similar programs and not photoshop to keep it as simple as possible for people who are not used to processing and if you do process and image and re-post it that we might ask you to show your steps to us all.
Those of you who are very familiar with processing your images might also like to see how someone else would approach an image!

Trenna Packer Nature competition

We believe it is time for the Nature photographers of Hutt Camera club to put forward their best so that the club can enter the Trenna Packer Nature competition.

Please send your nature images to Toya: and we will try and put together a winning set.  You can send up to 4 images each for selection.

The rules associated with the competitions are:

  • The subject matter must be nature as defined by the rules attached, which excludes cultivated plants, domestic animals and confined animals
  • The subject matter is restricted to New Zealand and its offshore islands.
  • Clubs with over 100 members are restricted to one image per photographer.
  • If the Club has less than 100 members, a photographer may submit 2 images.
  • Each entry is judged as a ‘set of projected images’ not as individual images and must flow well and have good cohesion
  • Entry is Digital and images should be saved as jpeg, sRGB colour space, resolution 72ppi with 1620 pixels on the horizontal for landscape and 1080 on the vertical side for portrait and at a file size between 400Kb and 1.2Mb.

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