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Welcome to the Hutt Camera Club. My name is Helen Westerbeke and I am the President of the club.

I am very passionate about photography and take my camera with me everywhere I go.  I am in my 10th year of shooting a photo of the day which keeps my skills up in all genres of photography.

I like giving every genre a go and really enjoy Nature, Creative, Street and Impressionist.

I attended night classes when I was a college student back in the day to learn the craft and studied it in my last year at school.  I gave it up for around 20 years or so before picking up a digital SLR in 2009 and had to relearn again through more night classes.  I discovered that now you saved money on printing from negatives but spent a lot of time on the computer to edit which I also really enjoy.

I have found that being a member of a camera club has increased my knowledge of this craft that I love.  Members are friendly, approachable and happy to share their knowledge and expertise.  If I admired photos from particular members I could ask them to show me how they shot them or processed them and with support from this club and fellow members I have achieved a Fellowship of the Photographic Society of New Zealand, its highest honour.

We have some new members on the committee this year and are very keen to move to a more digital platform and send out regular email updates rather than a monthly newsletter.  We aim to increase the activity on this site that we hope will become your first go to place to find out what is going on and be up to date.

We hope to create an interesting programme that will introduce new and exciting photography genres and ideas to the club as well as increasing our fieldtrips for practical experience and socialisation with other members

You can attend two club meetings at no cost before deciding to join. That way you can get a feel of the club and its members.

So if you are passionate about photography, whether staring out and wanting to learn or a seasoned pro, come check us out and I am sure you will love being part of the Hutt Camera Club.

Come join in the fun!

Helen Westerbeke

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