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How To Create A Triptych With Jane Trotter

How to create a Triptych with Jane Trotter

May 25, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm
Hutt Valley Tramping Club
15 Birch Street
How to create a Triptych with Jane Trotter @ Hutt Valley Tramping Club

I love making abstract photographs. Exploring everyday objects, re-imagining their appearance and uncovering hidden possibilities has always given me great pleasure. I find the process of ‘playing’ with an object completely engrossing and will happily spend many hours investigating new and different ways of presentation and interpretation.

Joining both the Dunedin Photographic Society and Dunedin Camera Club, I quickly discovered my passion for abstract photography. I was hooked! I’ve since used a selection of these abstract images to gain my APSNZ (Associate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand).

‘Abstracted Reality’ is my interpretation and transmutation of my immediate, domestic surroundings.  With the goal of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, I want to infuse my photography with a fresh approach and new perspective, encouraging others to see the inherent beauty and mysteries of the commonplace and everyday.

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