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Update No. 13 Inspiring Landscapes

Update no. 13 Inspiring Landscapes

Landscape Photography – Laurie Winter

When: Tuesday 27 July 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: Landscape Photography: Laurie Winter

Laurie has fun and adventures doing ‘photographic roadies’ around New Zealand enjoying and capturing the beautiful scenery. Check out her website: Beautiful NZ Landscapes.

Fine Art and Expressive Photography – Karolina Stus

When: Tuesday 10 August 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: How to get creative with your photography

We are very privileged to have this multi award winning photographer present to us. Check out our website for all the information

Graham Collins – Rest in Peace

I just found out last week that our lovely Graham passed away just after our 60th birthday celebration.   Our thoughts are with you Denise and we look forward to seeing you again when you feel up to it.

COLLINS, Graham:
Passed away peacefully on Friday 11th June 2021. Beloved husband of Denise. Father and father-in-law of Glen & Therese; Ian & Mandi (USA). Loving pops of Esther, Daniel, and Grace; Faith, Olivia, and Katie. Brother of Malcolm, Leonie, Ernie (dec), Vivian, Diane, Kevin (dec), and Brian. Much loved sister-in-law and friend of Suzanne. In accordance with Graham’s wishes, a private cremation has taken place.

Upcoming Fieldtrips/Workshops

Saturday 21 August – South Coast
Still in planning….watch this space


Entries due for Critique series 3: Portrait. Tuesday 27 July. Send to: Competitions

Maximum of 1620 pixels on the horizontal side AND 1080 on the vertical side.

Files are to be named as follows:



A          is your grade Advanced (A), Intermediate (I), or Beginner (B)
S          is your subject category i.e. one of S (Set), N (Nature), or O (Open)
C3        is the competition e.g. Critique 3 = C3
310      is your membership number
Title     is the image title.  If no image title is provided, then please use a number instead to make the file name unique.

Example file names are:
B-S-C3-456-Over the Rainbow.jpg

Annual Exhibition

Will be held this year from 14 October to 26 October.   Members may submit up to four images into the exhibition. The actual number displayed will depend upon the total number of images entered overall, and how the images all work together.

From the Archives

Celebrating our 60th year, I will post a tidbit from the archives each update. This week an article from the Hutt News in 1984

Fun quiz sent in from Rob Vanderpoel

Our free personality test for photographers is called photoGRAPH, and so far, over 2,500 people have taken it!

It’s still early, but we can share some interesting results with you…

The most popular personality is the Improviser with 27.3% of test-takers matching it.

And the rarest personality is the Perfectionist with only 6.1% of test-takers matching it.

If you’d like to know your photography personality type, you can take the test here.

The test is super simple:

1.       You answer 28 agree/disagree questions about your approach to photography

2.       We reveal your personality type (one of the 8 listed below)

3.       Then we provide you with insights into how you can shoot to get the best images

You’ll discover your bio:

1.       Expressionist – playful, passionate and curious

2.       Improvisor – spontaneous, intuitive and fun-loving

3.       Chameleon – intuitive, patient and invisible

4.       Camper – persistent, confident, and strong willed

5.       Perfectionist – strict standards, intelligent and ambitious

6.       Conductor – witty, driven, and authentic

7.       Socialite – entertaining, outgoing and friendly

8.       Journalist – curious, perceptive, and outgoing

Would you like to know your personality type?

Click here to take photoGRAPH.

Photography inspiration, courses and tips

Tips for Photography in Harsh Light – 21m
How to add an Etherial Glow to Landscape Photos – 16m
Minimalism / Long Exposure Landscape Photography Tutorial – 17m PhotoNinja
7 Simple Forest Compositions Tips – Mads Peter Iversen

Click here for up to date programme information
here for all the latest news
Click here for the latest images and other items posted by our members

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