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2021 Update No. 14 – Playing With Creativity

2021 Update no. 14 – Playing with Creativity

Fine Art and Expressive Photography – Karolina Stus

When: Tuesday 10 August 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: Karolina shows us how she creates her fine art images

We are very privileged to have this multi award winning photographer present to us. Check out our website for all the information

My fine art editorial approach creates timeless, luminous and cinematic images. My goal as a portrait photographer is to look past the face we present, to capture something deeper. Sometimes this results in a bright, eye-catching image, and sometimes a more poetic study of the face. I’m in love with everything that is old, odd, or different; I find these things beautiful. I transform these old things and give them new life.

Interclub Print Comp Planning – via Zoom

When: Tuesday 17 August 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Zoom link:
Topic: planning for the Wellington Interclub competition

From Rob: Our last meeting was a small group but we had a great session a while back to review the submissions for this year’s Wellington Interclub submission. We have short-lists now in all categories as follows:

Blur: 6
Framed: 3
Great Outdoors: 4
H is for …: 4
In The City: 2
Multiple Exposure: 5
What we do in the Shadows: 3
Symmetry: 4
Triptych: 6
Wet: 5

I think we’re looking quite strong in many categories, but I’d still like to see a few more in some.

In The City – looking good but only two short listed

Framed – also looking OK but, again, only three short listed

Great Outdoors – four short listed but I’m not sure how well they all fit the topic. I think to fit the topic images need to be in New Zealand, preferably, and showing or implying people enjoying the great outdoors, “especially wild places used for recreational activities such as hiking or camping”. So I’d like some more that fit this perspective.

Wet – five shortlisted but again I don’t think some fit the topic very well. Some are showing water but not ‘wetness’ – something that was dry but now wet.

Apologies if I’m getting a bit pedantic but I don’t want to leave anything to chance to give us the best chance of winning back the trophy!

Many thanks to Sheryl Gallagher and Karen Johnston for helping with this first round of selections.

Critique Series 3: Portrait

When: Tuesday 24 August 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Hutt Valley Tramping Club, 15 Birch Street, Waterloo
Topic: Critique Series 3: Portrait

Join us as we listen to the critique for our latest topic – Portrait.  You get to have your say as well.

Upcoming Fieldtrips/Workshops

Saturday 21 August – Wellington CBD
check here for all the information


Speed it up…Slow it down….A Fresh Look…

Entries for the salon are NOW OPEN (as of 25th July).  The organizing committee has created an interesting and challenging salon with a fresh approach.   They are hoping this will encourage photographers to try new techniques, genres, and skills.

Your submissions to this salon may be brand new, or they may be a fresh take on an old image; the choice is yours.  But you are asked to only submit images that have not been entered in any other New Zealand salon (they may however have been submitted to a club for evaluation).

All images will be judged as Open, but additional awards will be given for images under the following themes:

  • Speed; Fast or slow, your choice
  • A Serendipitous Moment; An unplanned (or maybe planned), fortunate occurrence
  • An unexpected angle or view; Challenge the way you capture a scene, try different angles, different perspectives or perhaps a different lens.

There are multiple Gold Medals and Honours Certificates for the best entries and an E Book will be compiled and distributed free of charge to all Regional Salon entrants. 
Entries close on 22nd August

For more detailed information see;

HCC Annual Portfolio Competition – 23 November

The Cliff Perry Memorial Trophy

  1. Eligibility

 The Competition is open to all members who:

  • Have less than three years membership
  • Do not have photographic honours (eg. LPSNZ or higher)
  • Are not employed in the business of photography
  • Have not previously won the Cliff Perry Trophy
  • Have not previously won the Beginner Grade ladder competition in either the print or projected sections
  1. Specific Requirements

Entries in the Cliff Perry Memorial Trophy do not need to follow a theme however it is expected that they demonstrate “proficiency of a high order in practical photography.” This means the applicant must demonstrate sound basic technical ability, along with good compositional skill, and awareness of lighting. Proficiency implies skill with the camera and in processing and presenting images.

Photographic proficiency is best demonstrated by a diversity of approach. (For example, by a variety of subject matter; variety of lens choice; variety of viewpoints etc.)

The Dorothy Comley Memorial Trophy Competition

  1. Eligibility

 The Competition is open to all club members.

  1. Specific Requirements

Entries in the Dorothy Comley Memorial Trophy are expected to follow a theme that links the images together in some way. They are also expected that they demonstrate “proficiency of a high order in practical photography”, but do not need to demonstrate a range of skills.


Our Annual Exhibition

Will be held this year from 14 October to 26 October.   Members may submit up to four images into the exhibition. Have a couple in reserve if we don’t have enough. The actual number displayed will depend upon the total number of images entered overall, and how the images all work together.

To get the best print and display possible for your image and better chance of selling, we recommend the following services:

NZ Editions in Wainuiomata  – Grant will work with you and do test prints to get the results you are after

Lewis Paape Art Gallery in Waiwhetu – Simon will create beautiful Matts for your image and gives a discount for HCC members

From the Archives

Celebrating our 60th year, I will post a tidbit up from the archives each update.   This time, some instructions on flower photography from a newsletter in the 1980’s

Photography inspiration, courses and tips

Sunset Photography Tips – Digital Photo Magazine
Telephoto Minimalist Photography 11m
Taking Sharp Bird Photos | In depth – 30m
Compose Landscape Photos – Mads Peter Iversen – 21m

Click here for up to date programme information
Click here for all the latest news
Click here for the latest images and other items posted by our members


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